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The lawyer Anika Feger has been mandated by various clients as an ombudsperson. The employees of these clients (and, depending on the scope of the respective assignment, also third parties) may report serious violations of laws and guidelines via the whistleblowing system of the ombudsperson Anika Feger. The costs for the whistleblowing system are covered by the respective clients. The use of the whistleblowing system is free for whistleblowers.

The information and data reported by a whistleblower will only be forwarded to the respective client following the explicit approval of the whistleblower. Via the whistleblowing system, whistleblowers can report confidential information and data while maintaining anonymity. The reported information and data will be treated as strictly confidential. The ombudsperson is obliged to maintain confidentiality towards the whistleblower. Furthermore the ombudsperson is independent in her function and therefore free of any instructions by the client.

Employees of clients may not use the whistleblowing system to deliberately harm third parties by providing false information. In such a case the anonymity of the whistleblower is not protected. In addition, there is a threat of labour law sanctions as well as claims for damages. This expressly does not include the reporting of an initial suspicion, where it only becomes appearent during further investigation that this is not justified.

By answering the following question, you start the whistleblowing system. This information is required because we only process information or answer queries that relate to our clients who have appointed us as an ombudsperson.